Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Qatar is counted among the world’s fastest growing economies. According to Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-2016, the country will adopt a multi-faceted strategy to contain the levels of waste generated by households, commercial sites and industry – and to promote recycling initiatives. Qatar intends to adopt integrated waste hierarchy of prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, and as a last option, landfill disposal.

Garbage collections & Disposal

We offers a variety of permanent and temporary services to domestic clients throughout Qatar. We provide the complete solution for domestic waste including food waste, paper waste, organic waste and other house hold waste. We provide the one-time and fixed term services domestic clients all over the Qatar.

We are using following equipments for solid waste management

  • Compactor
  • Skip loader
  • electrical compactor
  • 20 M3 Skip
  • 240 Liter Bin

Non- Domestic waste collections & Disposal

Non- Domestic can be defined as any waste generated as a result of carrying out a business, including associated lawn and garden clippings from normal maintenance of the business premises. Commercial waste also includes rubbish produced by your customers.

We are giving the following services

  • Waste management for Malls and supermarket
  • Waste management services for hotels and labor accommodation
  • Glass and fabrication waste
  • Wood, carton and plastic wastes